Caffè & Bar Pronto, a well-known Japanese café chain established in 1988, released a new seasonal beverage on the 14th of March.

The new drink is called Pink Tea Latte and has a beautiful appearance that incorporates the color of today’s generation we are so familiar with, Millennial Pink.

The pink layer consists of ruby chocolate at the bottom and two other layers of white and brown.

Millennials and anyone who is into the kawaii factor will find the appearance irresistible and won’t be able to stop themselves from taking pictures for their Instagram feed.

The overall appearance will leave an impression due to the colorful and adorable elements, but I must say the taste is equally divine!

The subtle flavor of berries also gives it a unique touch that, mixed with the other ingredients, creates a luxurious and delicious berry-flavored chocolate royal milk tea.

The new Iced Pink Tea Latte is available in most of their cafes and costs only 440 yen (with tax).

What is Caffè & Bar Pronto?

The cafe chain, which has franchises all around Japan, takes its name from the Italian word "pronto," one meaning of which is "ready."

Their concept is that of an Italian bar, and their pasta dishes are one of the tastiest items on their menu.

They serve high-quality coffee, tea, and bread during the mornings, have a variety of pasta dishes for lunch, followed by tea time and sweets in the afternoon.


What makes it even more interesting is that, in the evening, they turn into a bar and have a menu centered on alcoholic beverages and snacks.

It is probably the first cafe, restaurant and bar in Japan with so many tasty options at affordable prices.

The atmosphere is also homey and relaxing, so you can take your time and relax while having your beverage.

For more information about their menu and their newest seasonal drink, you can check the Caffè & Bar Pronto's official website.

By - cinnamonellie.