As Spring blossoms in Japan, it can mean only one thing: it’s time to unfurl the picnic blanket and enjoy some drinks underneath the sakura trees. For anyone looking for a fresh beverage to enjoy during this year’s hanami, Niigata sake brewery’s kiwi sake might be just up your cherry tree-lined alley.

Shirataki Sake Brewery, based in Niigata, has crafted a very special sake that is fermented with yeast derived from kiwis. The brewer used kiwi to add lively notes to their popular Jozen Josui Jumai line of sakes, branding the new product: Fresh Green Jozen Josui Junmai.

The kiwi sake has a fruity scent, and a gentle sweet flavor that is balanced by a subtle acidity. Lively and succulent, it will be hard to stop at just one cup of this sake. Equally, at only 9% alcohol volume imbibers needn't worry about getting a ki-wee bit too tipsy.

For this specially flavored sake, an equally special bottle design, with delightful green leaf decorations to celebrate leaves sprouting anew in spring. Shirataki recommends this sake as a great gift for anyone beginning a new chapter in their lives, like new graduates starting work in April.

Beautifully flavored and wrapped in a gorgeous bottle, this sake belongs on your kitchen table. The sake is only available through to the end of April so hurry up and order a bottle or two from the company’s website now while you have the chance.

Kiwi Sake overview

  • Product name: Fresh green Jozen Josui Junmai
  • Suggested retail price: 720ml / 1,375 yen (tax included) and 300ml / 687 yen (tax included)
  • Rice polishing: made using 60% polished rice
  • Online store

By - Toby M.