From ancient times all the way through to the present day, artists, musicians and writers have fallen in love with the world of cats and have made them the subject of their work. Each unique design makes for feline masterpieces, that soothe not only the hearts of cat lovers but of people all around.

At Osaka’s Daimaru the ‘猫・ネコ・ねこ展’ will be held from 7 April – 13 April 2021.
Displaying and selling pieces by contemporary wood carving artist – Makoto Nishi, who has been attracting attention via SNS recently for his realistic cat carvings, and painter – Louis Shin, who depicts a world full of sophisticated cats, the event is a must for lovers of all things ‘cat’.

"Ochitsuku-Nya" wood carving by Makoto Nishi

"Going cat, coming cat, swimming cat" Acrylic painting by Louis Shin

Born in Tokyo in 1955, self-taught wood carver Makoto Nishi, is known for his realistic, yet humorous wood carvings of cats, whichJapan Times has described as being ‘realistic enough to puzzle a real cat, fanciful enough to tickle a human’. Nishi’s carvings are all made out of chunks of Indonesian Jelutong wood, and are finished off with a wood burning iron.

Louis Shin (Yoshito Hirano) is an illustrator who specialises in acrylic painting. Born in Tokyo in 1938, Louis began his artistic career as an independent painter in 1982 and has been working as a TV commercial producer for over 15 years.
As a painter, Louis continues to fascinate fans by creating colourful landscape paintings depicting a world of sophisticated cats.

猫・ネコ・ねこ展 (English: Cat, Cat, Cat Exhibition)

Date: Wednesday 7 April – Tuesday 13 April 2021
Times: 10am – 8pm (event closes at 4pm on final day)
Location: Artglorieux GALLERY OF OSAKA, 8th floor Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store, Osaka

Access to the Artglorieux GALLERY OF OSAKA is directly connected to the underpass of Shinsaibashi Station (south ticket gate) on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.