The feudal era of Japan might be long gone, but the influence of samurais is still visible in modern day Japan. From traditional armor fitted for pets, to figurines that combine samurais and superheroes, these historical military warriors are an undeniable part of Japanese culture.

So it comes as no surprise that the influence of this era has even extended to food, like this cake inspired by traditional samurai helmets. The cake is being released by the Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Osaka to coincide with the Children’s Day holiday in Japan.

The helmets worn by samurai in feudal Japan are called kabuto (兜) in Japanese. They were initially used by ancient warriors, and were later adopted for use by the samurais.

During that time, they became more expressive in their designs because of the pivotal role they played in a samurai’s battle equipment.

One of the most famous kabuto designs was one worn by Sanada Yukimura, which is the direct inspiration for the cakes being served by the hotel. Yukimura was a samurai from the 1500s, and was at one point referred to as the “number one warrior in Japan”, which might explain the lasting popularity of his antler helmet.

The cake is made out of strawberry compote and jelly with a mirror glaze for a shiny finish. There are two versions of the cake, with the differences being in the design of the antlers.

The first helmet cake (left in photo) is available for reservation through the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka’s cafe from April 29 to May 5, 2020. The second helmet cake (right in photo) comes for free to customers who take part in the hotel’s Children’s Day kaiseki dinner plan.

Details on the samurai helmet cake can be found on the hotel’s website here.

By - Jen Laforteza.