Haru no Pan Fesutibaru (春のパンフェスティバル) or the Spring Bread Festival in English, will take place at the Keio Department Shinjuku Store Mezzanine Exciting Spot starting from 1st of April 2021.

The Bread Festival first took place in 2014, and ever since, it became a popular event, especially during spring and autumn.

This time, the Keio Department store has prepared a special surprise for the bread lovers and will feature an assortment of local bread from all over Japan in the first week, followed by popular bread picks on the second one.

The event will start on the 1st of April and last until the 14th of the same month.


The festival will get divided into two weeks, and customers will have the opportunity to choose from around 60 types of bread from different prefectures between the 1st and 7th of April.


Here are some examples of the products that featured in the first week of the festival:

  • Hokkaido: Nichiryo Baking Co., Ltd. Yokan Bread (nichiryōsei pan yōkan pan / 日糧製パンようかんぱん). The soft bread has whipped cream inside, a yokan paste coating, and you can buy one for 190 yen.
  • Yamagata Prefecture: Taiyoupan Co., Ltd. Happy Banana Bread (taiyōpan shiawase no banana pan / たいようパンしあわせのバナナパン). You can buy one loaf for 780 yen.
  • Toyama Prefecture: Sawayashokuhin Co., Ltd. Coffee Snack (Sawaya shokuhin kōhī sunakku / さわや食品コーヒースナック) : 200 yen apiece.
  • Kochi Prefecture: Yamatepan Co., Ltd. Bōshipan (Yamate pan bōshi pan / ヤマテパン ぼうしぱん): you can buy one for only 220 yen.
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture: Shogetsu Baking Co., Ltd. Hagi Natsumikan Orange Melonpan (Shōgetsudō seipan hagi natsumikan meron / 松月堂製パン萩夏みかんメロン): one costs 190 yen.

The second week of the festival (8th - 14th of April) will feature five of the most recognized bakeries, and each of them will introduce some of their top recommended bread. Here are some of them:

Pain Maison MOA’s Ensaïmada: 162 yen apiece

パンメゾンもあ「エンサイマダ」 | © PR Times, Inc.

Bakery Kitchen Ohana’s Tokachi Toyonishi Beef Curry Bread: 378 yen apiece

ベーカリーキッチンオハナ「十勝豊西牛カレーパン」| © PR Times, Inc.

Stone Oven Bread Fujimi’s Cranberry and Hazelnut: 300 yen apiece

石窯パンふじみ「クランベリーとヘーゼルナッツ」 | © PR Times, Inc.

morimoto’s Luxury Fresh Cream Square Bread: 1,200 yen

morimoto 贅沢 生クリーム角食 | © PR Times, Inc.

There will also be Hokkaido haskap berry jam on sale.

* All prices include tax

Until April 13th there will also be a Spring Hokkaido Exhibition on the 7th floor where various products from the Hokkaido Prefecture will be on sale.

For more information about the events, check out the Keio Department Store Shinjuku Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.