Last month, many cat lovers in Japan celebrated "Super Cat Day". Every year February 22nd is regarded as Cat Day because the date 2/22 can be read as "ni-ni-ni", which sounds similar to "nyan-nyan-nyan", or "meow meow meow" in Japanese. Because it's 2022, that's a whopping five meows, and thus a once in a lifetime Super Cat Day.

So for this year's big kitty celebration, Japanese baking artist izuyo0719 decided to apply her talents for crafting amazing bread that transforms into anime characters into a feline-themed loaf of shokupan, fluffy Japanese milk bread.

Cutting into the loaf, she revealed a very appropriate and expertly baked Super Cat Day bread, and for extra measure, posted it at 10:22 p.m.

Carving through the loaf, the bread turns into an adorably crafted feline mascot of Super Cat Day--Sanrio's Hello Kitty! While izuyo0179 bakes these loaves for fun, they look good enough to be sold by Hello Kitty herself at her own cafe.

For even more surprising and delightful baked art, be sure to follow izuyo0179 on Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.