Japanese internet and e-commerce company DMM.com Ltd. is primarily known for their entertainment website, DMM.com, which allows users to purchase a number of goods, with one of their main and more popular items being crafts made from 3D printing. The company is now starting an initiative to make those 3D printed products and artwork more in tune with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as a way of protecting the environment.

As you can see from two of their example 3D printed lamps sustainable materials below, the initiative does not come at a sacrifice in quality.

In recent years, environmental pollution caused by plastic waste and a growing awareness for SDGs has made shifts to sustainable production and consumption has become an issue. With the recent development of 3D printing manufacturing and the innovation of reusing materials that used to be discarded for printing, DMM.make's 3D printing service is now looking for companies and designers who can work with them to develop and sell new products using more sustainable materials than ever before.

Hopeful companies and designers who develop and produce products using sustainable materials (nylon) that can be manufactured with the DMM.make 3D printing service can get in touch via the company's online submission form.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.