Starbucks are known for their coffee, but that hasn’t stopped them from dabbling in tea. Especially when it comes to their Japan-exclusive flavours. Tea lovers are far from left out with beverages bursting with matcha, roasted green tea, earl grey tea and more, involving all kinds of inventive accompanying flavours.

Sometimes it seems like tea is even taking all the spotlight, but, don’t call it a comeback… Starbucks Japan are celebrating their main product this month with the ‘Love Coffee’ range.

This lineup includes three Frappuccinos with a coffee theme. The most elaborate is the ‘Coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino’, which is inspired by the classic coffee flavoured dessert. The luxurious offering contains sponge cake soaked in a rich espresso roast coffee, and a mascarpone cheese and egg yolk custard base.

Source: Starbucks Japan

There’s two other beverages to be had, a ‘Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino’ and a ‘Double Tall Latte Shakerato’.

That’s not to say that tea enthusiasts will be left out, since there will even be a tea version of the tiramisu Frappuccino. The ‘Tea Tiramisu Frappuccino’ is made with fragrant Earl Grey tea, honey and iced tea soaked sponge cake.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The two tiramisu-themed drinks will be around from 14th April to 25th May 2021, while the Shakerato will be on sale until 15th June. The Cold Brew Coffee Frappuccino will be a permanent fixture on the menu. So what will it be, tea or coffee?

By - Jess.