• "What, this isn't CG? It's too amazing."
  • "I think this should be considered as a work of art. It's simply wonderful."
  • "This video is so good! The camera work is also really amazing..."

This new video from sports drink Pocari Sweat became such a hot topic that the word "Pokari CM" started trending on Twitter.

Even though it's a commercial for Pocari Sweat, the product hardly appears in the 60-second video.

Although it also conveys an uplifting message that can surely resonate with many young viewers, the main reason why so many people praised it was the impressive technical skill. The video was shot on a real moving stage set without using computer graphics at all.

The actress 中島セナ Sena Nakajima was chosen from among about 400 people to play the heroine through an audition.

A girl runs in the opposite direction of the crowd down an undulating corridor and turns around in front of the door.

© Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.

This commercial pays particular attention to the expression of wind.

When she opens the door, she sees a wisteria canopy spreading out above, and she runs along the undulating path towards the auditorium amidst fluttering wisteria petals.

© Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.

A behind-the-scenes video shows the actual stage set in action.

A poster was also made for the campaign. It looks very dramatic, just like a movie poster, with the message でも君が見えた demo kimi ga mieta ("But I saw you") in bold lettering together with the pivotal scene when she turns around to face the camera as the wind blows in her face.

© Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.

This 60-second video was a real eye-opener for many people.

It's a great reminder of the power that can only come from an actual stage set!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.