Tetris is probably one of the most universally recognised video games ever, and as simple as the graphics are, these colourful block shapes can instantly transport one back to days spent stacking. For over thirty-five years, the game’s addictive and easy-to-understand mechanics have hooked people all over the world, regardless of their age.

This year, a Japanese candy company called UHA Mikakuto have teamed up with the iconic puzzle game to release Tetris gummy sweets, which you can enjoy fitting together Tetris-style before devouring. The gummies themselves are modelled on the game’s tetriminos, which are variously shaped combinations of four blocks.

The colourful block gummy sweets all correspond to a different flavour, with grape for purple, muscat for green, orange for orange, and strawberry flavour for the red gummies. All seven types of tetrimino shape is represented in candy form.

The packaging, which is based on the image of the game screen, is also colourful enough to be easy to spot on a convenience store shelf.

The sweets have been tentatively released in Japan for a presale but if you can’t find them, they should be going on sale from 24th May 2021 all over the country for 370 yen a bag.

By - Jess.