Japanese candy comes in a lot of varieties. Whether it's beautiful traditional lollipops, champagne and sakura Pocky, or the recent Kit Kat sushi, there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy. Kanro, a company known for small candies, is deciding to incorporate some of that adventurous appeal into their popular gummies, introducing these new Udon gummy candies. The Udon Gummies are said to have a more elastic quality than other gummy candies, making them able to stretch out like--you guessed it, udon noodles.

After some extensive candy and udon research (hey, it's Japan), it appears that Kanro settled on a gummy that most resembles Sanuki udon--a type of udon popular in the Shikoku region of Japan, and notable for having a square shape and flatter edges--pretty fitting for a gummy. As for the flavors, they don't actually taste like udon noodles, but ume (plum) and sudachi (a Japanese citrus).

Given the shape and elasticity, perhaps you could actually try them out with chopsticks--and probably keep your hands less sticky.

Starting April 11th, the Udon Gummies will go on sale at Mini Stop convenience stores in Japan. If you're really desperate for them, you may be able to get your hands on them at an import shop like Rakuten Global, eventually.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.