At only a four-minute walk from the Ginza Station, you’ll discover Ginza N (ギンザ エヌ / Ginza Enu), a quiet café bar located at the 4th floor of the Mikuni Ginza 7 Building.

The café is cozy and has a chic yet relaxing atmosphere and a retro décor reminiscent of the Showa Period.

During day time, you can enjoy tasty treats and delicious drip coffee while, at night, the café turns into a bar and offers the customers a fine selection of alcoholic beverages.

Their sweets are divine and match their freshly brewed aromatic coffee perfectly. If you feel a bit hungry, you can also try out their homemade curry or other delicious dishes on their menu.

The mysterious café run by an elegant gentleman offers many other drinks besides coffee, such as café au lait, black tea, grape vinegar soda, etc.

During summer, they even have an adult kakigōri (おとなのかき氷 otona no kakigōri), which is shaved ice that uses homemade coffee syrup and Hennessy XO Cognac as ingredients, therefore the name adult shaved-ice.

As soon as you step into the cafe, you’ll hear the music faintly playing in the background, perfectly blending with the peaceful atmosphere inside.

The prices are affordable, and you also have a couple of set options that include coffee and tasty, moist cakes.

As not many people are familiar with the place, the café bar is one of the hidden gems in Ginza and a place for all tastes. You can enjoy a quiet atmosphere, a good selection of coffee, high-quality alcoholic beverages, tasty food, and flavorful desserts.


By - cinnamonellie.