Pet cats are not well known for their penchant for walks with their owner. It seems even less unlikely to see such a sight on a rainy day of all days.

But there are some cats who enjoy going for accompanied walks, and Miru-chan who lives in Japan is one of them. She not only enjoys walks, but she has loved them since she was a kitten, going for strolls while being carried by her owner.

Her owner was especially surprised when she started begging to go out on a walk even on rainy days. So in order make sure she has a comfortable journey, he made sure to get a hold of a perfectly feline-sized umbrella. It’s even transparent so she can get a full view of the scenery.

Source: @yukamilboy

She looks like she loves it! Even the way she elegantly rests both her paws in front of her makes her look completely satisfied.

Source: @yukamilboy

These photos were uploaded to Twitter where they garnered 250 thousand likes and 52 thousand retweets as scores of people were charmed by the adorable sight.

If you want to see more cute pictures and videos of Miru-chan, check out her owner’s Twitter for more feline antics!

By - Jess.