Owners who have several pets know that sometimes things can get a bit wild. Nevertheless, it's just that much more fun in a lively and active household full of energetic animals.

Take, for example, Twitter user Nakayoshi Hogoneko (@uni_mugi_hachi) who lives with her cats. Of course, her felines Mugi and Kiki are good friends. One day, Nakayoshi posted this video while this odd couple was relaxing on the sofa. The post was popular, and it’s making the rounds on Twitter.

“A cat who got stuck in an unexpected situation."

As you can see, one cat was grooming itself when the other climbed on top to find a more comfortable seat. Understandably, the cat was surprised and stopped moving. Finally, the kitty seemed to make itself at home on top of her shoulder.

280,000 people got a chuckle from this post.

  • “I imagined the cat saying, ‘...is this actually happening?’”
  • “Wow, they are so cute. The cat was confused and stop moving!”
  • “The cat literally stopped moving. Lol. But he isn’t upset. He’s such a kind brother. I’m sure Kiki knows that her brother is kind.”
  • “It’s like the Japanese anime My Neighbor Totoro when Mei falls asleep on Totoro’s body. I think the kitty envied that.”
  • “I laughed so much that I choked. They are so cute.”
  • “The kitty’s purity makes me laugh.”
  • “For the kitty, it’s like reaching the top of a mountain.”

Kiki and Muji aren’t alone in their antics. Other cats are trending on Japanese Twitter. For instance, Twitter bot Dobutsu Iyashi bot (@mofmof_iyashi) posted this video.

“This cat really wants to sleep with his baby brother.”

As you can see, the big brother had a bit of trouble while trying to lie down next to his brother. Many people reacted:

  • “I imagine the kitty saying, ‘help me!’”
  • “They are so sweet.”
  • “I know he loves his baby brother.”
  • “I imagined the cat saying, ‘hey mom, this bed is too small.”
  • “This video soothes my soul.”
  • “I want to join them.”

Befriending people

Of course, cats can be chummy with one another. Nevertheless, we all love them for the connections they make with other humans and us. Indeed, they can be sweet hearts.

Twitter account Iyashi Channel (@iyashichannel_) posted this video of a furry friend who just can't let go.

“The reason why I don’t go to work.”

As you can see, this cat seems to be unable to sleep without cuddling her owner's arm. What can anyone do in a situation like this?

174,000 people liked this video. They reacted:

  • “There is no reason to go to work when a cat does this to you.”
  • “If this happens, you’re right not to go to work.”
  • “If a cat were to do this to me, of course I wouldn’t go to work. I will quit my job!”
  • “She has a human pillow.”
  • “I wouldn’t go to work forever if she did this to me.”
  • “There are enough reasons not to go to work.”

Free snuggles

Finally, there is another picture recently popular on Twitter. Kondoria Mito (@mitconcon) posted this picture:

“Their faces are smooshed together. Is there anything cuter than this?”

Her followers reacted:

  • “This photo is full of happiness!”
  • “Wow, it’s a nice photo. It heals my heart, and I almost cried. Thank you for sharing.”
  • “There is happiness in your home!!”
  • “Their faces look happy. They made me happy and relieved my stress.”

Indeed, as winter continues, it’s nice to relax with some furry friends at home.

By - Luke Mahoney.