Famous for their artistic and elaborate cake designs, and with something for every occasion, Ginza Cozy Corner is arguably Tokyo’s most famous confectionary store. Though the store regularly releases collaborations featuring everyone’s favourite characters from Disney and Pixar, Ginza Cozy Corner has nothing against originality, and they even hold an annual ‘Dream Cake Competition’ where they make cakes designed by elementary aged children, in order to prove that dreams really can come true.

More than 13,500 illustrations were submitted to the ‘Dream Cake Competition’ in 2020, and after a long screening and voting process, a grand prize winner and a runner up were chosen.
The award ceremony for the 2020 Dream Cake Competition was originally scheduled to be held in public at the Ginza Cozy Corner Ginza Main Store, but because of COVID-19, the event was adjusted and a ‘special presentation ceremony’ was held instead.
At the ceremony, the head pastry chef of Ginza Cozy Corner visited the winner’s homes to present the completed cakes and a certificate of commendation.

‘Long-life Turtle Cake’
Designer – Nana Wakikaka (10 years old), Kanagawa Prefecture

‘As soon as I opened the Ginza Cozy Corner cake box I could see my design had been brought to life and I was super impressed. It was really delicious and had lots of my favourite fruits.
My cake design is based on the wish that my grandparents will live a long life like the way turtles do. I’m happy we were able to eat my cake together.’

Second Prize Winning Cake

‘A Lot of School Bags’
Designer – Aoi Sukegawa (9 years old), Tochigi Prefecture

‘I was surprised by the big, glittery and delicious smelling cake that greeted me when I opened the Ginza Cozy Corner cake box.
I designed the cake for my sister, who started elementary school last year. Because of COVID-19, the school was closed straight away, so she couldn’t get the chance to start her school life. My cake is designed to look like the school bag that my sister would take to school with her when it opens.
My very cute cake had been made into a reality, and I was super excited to eat it with my sister!’

In addition to the Special Presentation Ceremony, a video summarizing the whole process from making the cake to presenting to the grand prize winner and second prize winner have been released on the official YouTube channel of Ginza Cozy Corner.

For the full details on the 2020 Dream Cake Competition, check out the official Ginza Cozy Corner event webpage.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.