If one cute animal video is sure to be a hit on the internet, it’s pets making unlikely friends. Sometimes it’s an unexpected animal acquaintance, other times it’s an inanimate object. This time it’s kind of both.

Five-year-old shiba inu Charmy just can’t get enough snuggles with this weirdly realistic seal cushion. The owner uploaded a super cute video to Twitter which went viral, gaining 74 thousand likes and 20 thousand retweets.

Charmy looks incredibly content just by resting her chin on the seal cushion. As many people pointed out, she rests her head just above where the seal’s face is, and ends up with a humorously similar expression to the cushion.

Whether she loves seals, or this just happens to be a particularly comfy pillow, we will never know.

But Charmy even sometimes takes the chance to do some yoga while utilising her beloved cushion.

The owner also added a link to a longer YouTube video showing the first time Charmy got to know her seal pal.

If you want to see more of this dog’s adorable shibe anitcs, check out the owner’s Twitter page dedicated to photos, videos and updates about Charmy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.