You may remember Charmy (@shiba_charmy), an adorable shiba inu in Japan, for her collection of funny food-themed pet beds.

If there was ever any question of which of those beds Charmy ranks as her personal favorite, it looks like a recent set of photos and video have cleared that up. Charmy appears to be absolutely smitten with a pet bed modeled after Nissin's Donbei Kitsune Udon, a popular instant noodle cup. The adorable shiba's face says it all!

Source: @shiba_charmy

Source: @shiba_charmy

In a video, you can see the unbridled excitement with which Charmy approaches the bed and nestles into it, transforming into a canine bowl of kitsune udon (udon noodles topped with a slab of abura age, or deep-fried tofu).

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By - Big Neko.