Izakaya, or Japanese pubs, are home to a wide variety of tasty snacks and drinks, but for many one of their chief allures can be summed up in the word "senbero". The word is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "sen-en" (1,000 yen) and "bero bero" (drunk), and essentially means the ability to get pleasantly drunk for a reasonable 1,000 yen--hopefully with some snacks to boot.

With izakaya-hopping a difficult move during the pandemic (and now extended State of Emergency) in Japan, maker Lithon has just the thing to answer all your senbero needs at home: the Senbero Maker, an all-in-one cooking and boozing device that delivers an izakaya dining experience to your home. Lithon is now set to release an updated bigger "Nisenbero Maker" that accommodates two for drinking companions, or those who simply want a bit more bites and booze.

The Nisenbero Maker simply needs to be plugged into an outlet and you can pretty much play the role of an izakaya master at your dinner table. Doubling the length of the original device to 40 cm, the Nisenbero Maker comes with a grill for yakitori chicken and vegetable skewers, a pot to stew oden, and two other searing nets for meats, shellfish, and other snacks.

To put a boozy bow on the izakaya experience, the Nisenbero Maker also comes with a small pot to heat up your sake into a nice serving of atsukan (hot sake), with the traditional tokkuri carafe and pair of ochoko sake cups provided.

Grill some yakitori

Stew up a mix of oden

Get some oysters cooking

Heat up your sake

And kanpai!

Completely electric, the easy-to-use izakaya set allows you to grill and stew simultaneously while heating up your sake. You can see a comparison of the original Senbero Maker (left) and soon to be released Nisenbero Maker (right) below.

The Nisenbero Maker will be released at the end of the month, but for now those hoping for some at-home izakaya wining and dining can order the original Senbero Maker from Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.