You can pretty much set your calendar to Starbucks Japan gearing up for each month with a new seasonal Frappuccino, with the recent run of "Peach on the Beach" and Golden Sweet Potato, and blooming sakura flavors giving each of Japan's distinct seasons a colorful beverage.

Halloween is no different, and as a sequel to last year's witch and princess Frappuccinos, this year Starbucks is aiming for perhaps a bloodier offering with the new mysterious "Halloween Red Night" Masquerade-themed Frappuccino.

The Halloween Red Night Frappuccino lives up to its name by combining a heavy serving of sweet and sour red berry sauce (a blend of raspberry, cranberry, and strawberry) along with a white chocolate brownie. That's then topped off with a dollop of whipped cream, dark cocoa powder, and an extra red berry sauce.

Those looking for a hot beverage at their Halloween masquerade party can turn to the Halloween Masquerade Raspberry Mocha, a fruity white mocha beverage that mixes sweet and sour mixed berries with a shot of espresso.

Both masquerade-themed berry beverages will go on sale at Starbucks stores throughout Japan starting on October 11th until October 31st.

By - Big Neko.