Last month we introduced an awesome product hailing from none other than the actual birthplace of matcha, called 'Neko Nincha Cappuccino'. The company responsible for this item is a manufacturer of Japanese sweets from Uji-Tawaracho in Kyoto prefecture.

These super cute drinks actually come in the form of ninja cats, which is why they have the clever name ‘Nin-cha’, as ‘cha’ means tea. To make your delicious cappuccino beverage, you just have to dissolve the cat into hot water, if you can bear to see it’s cute face disappear.

As we wrote in our previous article, there is a crowdfunding campaign to get this new product going, but it seems these sweet ninja drinks have struck a chord with many as the crowdfunding goal was smashed in about a month. It even amassed 680% times the original goal thanks to support from their backers.

There’s two types of drink, matcha (powdered green tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea).

These Nin-cha Cappuccino drinks are made with high quality tea sourced from Uji-Tawaracho, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even use them in smoothies, shakes and other desserts.

There’s still some time to back the project if you want to get your hands on the adorable cats around the end of June (the project is open until 11th May). After that it surely won’t be long before the general launch and these cats can stealthily creep onto all our hot beverage shelves!

By - Jess.