Kyoto’s long-established tea house Itokyuemon released two new surprising matcha items, Uji Matcha Carbonara sauce and Uji Matcha Fettuccine earlier this month, bringing their renowned and rich green tea flavor to noodle lovers.

Itokyuemon has created a variety of Uji Matcha items aside from common matcha sweets, including curry, sake, Japanese soba noodles and Somen noodles, and craft-cola drink just to name a few. Now, they’ve introduced another surprising combination in Uji Matcha pasta and pasta sauce.

The Uji Matcha carbonara sauce is made using both cheddar and gouda cheese. Another “secret” ingredient in the sauce is Japanese bonito broth giving it a “Japanese” flavoring, an appropriate representation of a tea house brand that they are. The thick-cut bacon creates a nice accent in the taste, and combined with the two different cheeses, this carbonara sauce is creamy and full of flavor.

The fettuccine noodles also have beautiful green Uji Matcha color, flavor and nice gooey texture of durum wheat.

Both are available from the historic tea house’s online store, as well as local shops.

By - Mugi.