Online or in person, Rhizomatiks makes digital phenomena accessible to all in an enjoyable, artistic format. Have fun exploring!

Ayako Kurosawa, for JAPAN Forward

How will our perceptions and sensibilities about humanity and society change in the future with the evolution of technology and the convergence of the real and virtual worlds?

Rhizomatiks, a group of creators, shows us what is possible from the standpoint of technology and expression. They are known for producing and developing futuristic technological video for Perfume, a techno pop group. However the creative group’s activities and expressions extend even further.

Perfume , “Reframe 2019”, photo by Yosuke Kamiyama. | © JAPAN Forward / © Rhizomatiks

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of its foundation, an exhibition of “Rhizomatiks_Multiplex” is being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Koto ward, in the eastern part of Tokyo, (closed until the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency) and online.

Visualization of Invisible Things

NFT’s and CryptoArt-Experiment, 2021, photo by Muryo Homma (Rhizomatiks)| © JAPAN Forward / © Rhizomatiks

Rhizomatiks is made up of expert programmers, engineers, and designers under the leadership of Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi. They are responsible for the entire process of the project, from the development of hardware and software to project implementation.

What makes Rhizomatiks’ projects valuable is how they make invisible phenomena in our society ー such as large complex data ー easier to grasp and visualize.

For example, at the event called “Traders” presented at the museum in 2013, trading data from the Tokyo Stock Exchange was converted into sound and video in real time, making it clearer for viewers to see at a glance the unexpected stock alignments. This way, invisible networks and trends could be felt “live.”


By - grape Japan editorial staff.