While eco bags remain a great way to help reduce plastic waste, in recent years designers have flexed their creative muscle into making their appeal extend to aesthetic and convenience, as evidenced by fattened up cat and dog bags and stylish Japanese shibori bags that can be scrunched up into your pocket.

Fukushima-based based maker Goldgarden hopes to make convenience another appeal point, introducing an ultra-thin eco-bag and leather short wallet combo that makes forgetting to bring a bag on a shopping trip a thing of the past.

Since Japan introduced fees for use of plastic bags in an effort to be more eco-friendly last year, eco-bags have become a bit of a necessity when going out. However, it is easy to forget to carry them with you when heading out in a hurry. The miniature foldable eco-bag "ECOT mini" is designed to fit perfectly into a flap of its accompanying wallet.

The wallet itself is also a bit unique due to its minimalist design, as it's made to hold the bag, 20 bills, 30 coins, and 8 cards, while making each easily accessible for paying at the register.

The 0.5cm thick eco-bag is an original product developed in collaboration with the Good Design Award-winning MOTTERU Pocket Square Bag. With its shape-memory pleating process, it can be easily folded together and safely carry hot lunches such as bento.

Updates on the wallet and eco bag combo can be followed on the official crowdfunding page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.