You're never too old to fall in love, as one penguin living at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama Prefecture proved when he met what soon became the apple of his eye. Tobu Zoo has been known to place panels of the characters from Japanese media franchise Kemono Friends inside the areas of their various animals, but none had reacted in the way Grape, a 2-year-old penguin did when one was placed in his.

The recipient of Grape's admiration appears to be Humboldt Penguin from Kemono Friends, which seems rather fitting. But in stark contrast to Grape, his other penguin pals don't look a bit interested in their new kawaii friend.

Visitors to the zoo were also able to see this unusual romance between penguin and cardboard panel blossom in front of their eyes, and needless to say, Grape's constant display of affection was heartbreakingly adorable. Rarely leaving Humboldt Penguin's side, it soon became easy to differentiate this particular penguin from the rest.

It's not clear how long the zoo plans on leaving this panel of Humboldt Penguin inside these real penguins' abode, but for the sake of Grape, we hope it's a while longer.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.