As the government continues to request individuals to exercise self restraint when it comes to socialising and travel, staying at home has become quite an isolating experience.
With many feeling disconnected from their families, friends and homes, special product collections like this bento box assortment featuring dishes from across Japan, can be a real mood lifter.

Designed by Maneki Shokuhin – a lunch box company from Hyogo prefecture believed to be the originator behind Japan’s boxed lunches, has specialised in providing tasty food for commuters since 1888 – this collection packs a variety of flavours from across Japan into six premium quality bento boxes.

Hokkaido – Salmon and Scallop Bento

Individual price: 1,150 yen
Set of 6 price: 6,900 yen
Pilaf rice topped with a large helping of butter grilled scallops and roasted salmon.

Tokohu – Sesame Beef Tongue Bento

Price: 1,150 yen
Set of 6 price: 6,900 yen
This bento packs the famed beef tongue of Tohoku into one bento box. Seasoned with homemade sesame marinade, this bento is sure to make many-a-mouth water.

Hokuriku – Crab Okowa Bento

Price: 1,600 yen
Set of 6 price: 9,600 yen
Using the rich and tasty meat of Japanese red snow crabs, this bento box made with okowa (steamed glutinous rice) is almost too good to be true.

Kansai – Kobe Beef Bento

Price: 1,500 yen
Set of 6 price: 9,000 yen
Made with world renowned kobe beef, cooked in sukiyaki style, this bento box will take your tastebuds straight to the Kansai region.

Setouchi – Oyster Bento

Price: 1,250 yen
Set of 6 price: 7,500 yen
Featuring oysters gathered from the Setouchi area, the scent of this bento box will transport you straight to the rocky shores of the inland coastal region.

Kyushu – Mentaiko Kashiwa-meshi Bento

Price: 800 yen
Set of 6 price: 4,800 yen
Topped with mentaiko and slices of chicken breast, this gourmet bento box representing Kyushu comes together with a helping of mustard.

Purchase the assortment of 6 for 7,450 yen, if you want to be reminded of the feeling of traveling across Japan. Alternatively, if you have a favourite, they can also be purchased individually or as sets of 6.
For more details on the boxes and to go to order page, check out the Maneki Shokuhin official webstore.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.