Haunted house production company 怖がらせ隊 Kowagarase-tai (Scaring Corps) made news last year when they began offering the world's first drive-in haunted house as a socially distant solution to getting your haunted house thrills.

This summer, they're at it again, and this time with a new concept: a haunted house delivery service.

The drive-in version had customers drive to a garage and stay in their cars while actors scared things up with the help of sound effects, lighting, makeup and costumes, and of course, good acting. This time, the haunted house comes to you, or rather drives to your doorstep in the guise of a spooky ambulance.

Did you call for a "Screambulance"?

Their 絶叫救急車 zekkyō kyūkyūsha (literally "scream-inducing ambulance") is available through online reservation and will come to your house or specified location at a set date and time.

The specially equipped ambulance will be parked and waiting for you. Once you enter, you'll be able to enjoy "a variety of scares" within the confines of the vehicle.

The company promises to "deliver the most terrifying experience in your own private space, a tiny space of terror."

The "screambulance" is fitted with an audio system recorded with the KU100, the latest 3D sound recording microphone, so you'll get the impression that someone (or something) frightful is actually there. Your hair-raising experience will also be enhanced by "special effects" like sudden mist sprays, vibrating panels, and yet others...

They have taken all possible measures to prevent exposure to the novel coronavirus, by providing a "completely socially distant and private" environment. The vehicle is disinfected before and after each use.

Moreover, the Kowagarase-tai's elite horror staff are not only professionals and great actors, but they also take all possible precautions to provide a safe and "corona-free" experience for customers.

The experience, which is available from July 1st, 2021, and can be hired for any location within the 23 wards of Tokyo, lasts 15 minutes and costs 9,000 JPY for groups of up to six.

For more information and reservations, visit their website here.

By - Ben K.