After wowing commentators on a brief morning TV spot, a premium dessert christened the "divine banana cheesecake" has been making a mouthwatering buzz in Japan.

Agrevo Health Foods newest release is called the kami banana cheesecake, or "godly" or "divine" banana cheesecake. The frozen premium dessert was prepared under the supervision of Chef Murota of LATURE in Omotesando, using domestic pesticide-free bananas priced at about a hefty 900 yen per banana.

Touted as a luxury summer treat, the Divine Banana Cheesecake can be enjoyed three different ways: thawed, to appreciate the full banana flavor, slightly thawed for an icy texture with banana flavor, as well as fully frozen to be eaten like ice cream.

The cake can be ordered from Agrevo Health Foods in Japan in different quantities.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.