• "I love the way it comes together! I think I can do this."
  • "I wanted to use up the gelatin I had, so this is great!"
  • "I made it and it was delicious! Coffee lovers will appreciate it."

These are just some of the enthusiastic comments on the video showing the recipe for a delicious drinkable dessert made with coffee jelly introduced on the YouTube channel 葉もれ日Kitchen ("Hamorebi Kitchen").

Although not originally Japanese, コーヒーゼリー (kōhī zerī | coffee jelly) is known as a retro favorite in Japan, now even more so in the Reiwa era as "Showa retro" items are trending. Combining the mild bitterness of black coffee, the fun texture of jelly and the sweetness of whipped cream or milk, it's not hard to see why this combination of tastes and textures makes it popular.

This recipe not only puts a delicious new twist on this dessert but it's great for using up any remaining iced coffee you have nearing its expiration date.

Just mix and chill to complete the coffee jelly.

The jelly itself can be made in a Tupperware container, so if you're the kind of person who secretly wishes they could eat coffee jelly to their heart's content, you could take a big spoon and eat it right from the container!

Transfer it to a cup, add cream, top it with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, and you're done! Instead of soft-serve ice cream, you can also use whipped cream or normal ice cream.

As for the coffee jelly, you can adjust the hardness with the amount of gelatin you use.

The video has English displayed as well as English subtitles, so you should have no problem understanding how it's done.

Try this recipe for a tasty and refreshing twist on coffee jelly!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.