Popular Japanese donut chain Mister Donut has released a new item called the “Mugyutto Donut”. “Mugyu” in Japanese means to squeeze or holda tight grasp on something. You can refer to the shape of these donuts to understand name. It looks like a string of dough tightly knit together. It is definitely unique and the tightly bound shape separates it from usual donuts.

In the Mugyutto Donut's TV commercial, famous actor Masaki Suda will be representing this new Mister Donut menu.

In an interview, Suda expressed his amusement with this new type of donut:

“The texture is exactly how the name sounds. Like, it has a nice gooey and springy texture, but it’s nothing like any other donuts I’ve had before.

"This is good for many different occasions and times of the day. The solid texture is nice and it is good for breakfast, lunch, at home or outdoors. It isn’t just for a dessert. It isn’t too sweet, either."

"It even goes well with a meal, I think. It is a new type of donut that is also like bread.”

This very unique new donut from Mister Donut is made from a special production process called “Yudane” (Water roux) method. By adding warm water, it facilitates the gelatinization of the starch, resulting in the dough to be much softer with one of a kind texture than the traditional baking process.

To celebrate the release of this new item, Mister Donut is preparing new Take-out boxes with Suda as a key visual on the box with limited quantity as of June 11th.

Mugyutto Donuts are available in 4 different flavors!

Mugyutto Donut Original

Made with flour from Hokkaido, the gooey dough also contains golden-topping with a subtle sweetness

Mugyutto Donut Cheese

Edam Cheese from the Netherlands is added to the gooey dough of Mugyutto Donut. You can enjoy the rich flavor of the cheese with this donut.

Mugyutto Donut Raisin

Sweet raisins are added to the gooey dough of Mugyutto Donut. The raisin complements the subtle sweetness of the dough.

Mugyutto Donut Cinnamon Raisin

With sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top of the dough with raisins, the harmonious aroma of cinnamon sugar and sweetness of the raisins is quite enjoyable.

By - Mugi.