Japanese chocolate brand Tirol are masters of taking classic desserts and somehow recreating them in one tiny bite-size chocolate.

Previously they’ve taken on matcha parfait, in collaboration with teahouse Itohkyuemon, and even traditional Japanese sweets like Ichigo daifuku get the Tirol treatment.

For those who love an elaborate parfait with layer upon layer of goodies, this new peach parfait chocolate is a great quick and cheap snack to tide you over until you can make it to a fancy cafe. In just one tiny chocolate, they’ve packed in as many peach parfait elements as is feasibly possible.

The outer layer is peach-flavoured chocolate, and the inside layer consists of roast almond, vanilla custard chocolate, feuilletine and on top of these is peach jelly. All these ingredients combine to give your tastebuds the impression of a fresh peach parfait.

While a full-size peach parfait can set you back about 2000 yen in Japan (about $20), this chocolate version can be yours for just a measly 32 yen (about 29 cents). It can be found in convenience stores all over Japan from 24th May 2021. Of course, nothing can replace the juicy freshness of a real peach parfait, but if you’re short on time or money this is the perfect dessert quick fix!

By - Jess.