In Japan, parfait is not only a dessert; it is art, forever transcending form and flavor in unimaginable ways. Take this edible Bonsai Parfait for example, or this rainy season Hydrangea parfait. These extraordinary sweets beg to be captured on our smartphones and displayed on our Instagrams for eternity...before being captured by our rumbling stomachs of course. True to spectacular form, just search the Japanese for parfait on Instagram, #パフェ, and you will be treated to tens of thousands of pictures of beautiful desserts.

Parfait photographers across Japan will be excited to hear then that: Tokyo’s The Strings Hotel by Intercontinental is now holding an Instagram competition for its own gorgeous line of summer fruits parfaits.

Parfait Competition Details

The competition, which runs between June 28th and July 12th, invites people to take photos of the luxury hotel’s luxury parfaits and share them on Instagram. Every entrant will be entered into a lottery to win an all-inclusive 1-night, 2-day stay for two in one of the String’s high-end Club Rooms. The stay will include breakfast from the hotel's kingly breakfast buffet as well as a room service delivery of two stunningly delicious parfaits for the winners to enjoy once again.

Everyone who enters the competition will be given a ¥500 discount on parfaits ordered in July and August if they present their entry when paying.

The Strings by Intercontinental Parfaits

The Strings began serving parfaits in July 2019 and are holding this photo competition to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. The hotel’s parfaits use seasonal fruits, changing the menu every 2-3 months to make use of the freshest ingredients. Strings’ parfaits are created to be stunning both visually and for the taste buds of the lucky diner. That means every detail from the scent to the elaborate assembly and fulfilling flavor combinations is considered to deliver parfait-ction.

Individual parfaits are not cheap however, beginning at ¥2,800 each, or parfait for two costing ¥5,500. Partisans of parfait, however, will not regret investing in these spectacular summer fruit dessert journeys.

How to enter

Application period: Sunday, June 28, 12:00 ~ Sunday, July 12, 23:59.
The winning announcement will be made after July 17th (Friday) via Instagram DM

Application method

*The posted photos may be used on our hotel website, SNS, etc.
*Only residents of Japan can participate.

Prize Details

  • ① Club room accommodation voucher for 2 people (1 night and 2 days, breakfast included) & "Duo parfait" (2 types) to be enjoyed by two people can enjoy in the guest room.
  • ② When ordering a "Strings Parfait" offered in July and August 2020, all entrants can receive 500 yen off by showing their competition entry.

Competition Details and Contact Info

  • Special website
  • Strings Parfait Photo Contest Secretariat Contact info:
  • Operating hours of secretariat: June 28 to July 12, Weekdays 9:00 - 18:00

By - Toby M.