Japan is known for its incredibly varied selection of Kit Kat flavors, many inspired by regional and seasonal themes, a selection so diverse there's even a sake-Kit Kat-pairing event in Tokyo. Following up on the seasonal trend, Nestle Japan's newest Kit Kat flavor is one to help sweets lovers stay cool through the upcoming hot weather with mint chocolate--only it's specifically designed for people who don't like mint chocolate: Kit Kat Adult Sweetness Peach Premium Mint flavor!

According to a Nestle Japan press release, the new flavor was actually developed with the intention of making mint chocolate flavor appeal to those who actually dislike it and think it tastes like toothpaste. After 20 trials, they settled on a formula of white chocolate and peach, while actually including double the amount of peppermint used in the regular mint chocolate Kit Kats being released.

Both Chocolate Premium Mint Kit Kats and Peach Premium Mint Kit Kats contain Feuilletine, or crushed up bits of crepe, as well as rum powder formulated into the cream between the wafers--said to have a sweet aroma and a rich taste aimed at adults. The Peach Mint Kit Kat uses white chocolate and contains double the peppermint flavoring.

The "Adult Sweetness" series, which already has matcha and strawberry flavors, is known a subtler sweetness than regular Kit Kats. Both Chocolate Premium Mint Kit Kats and Peach Premium Mint Kit Kats will join the series and be available around Japan starting on May 13th.

By - Big Neko.