Jump Chi Heroes (ジャンプチ ヒーロー janpuchi hīrōzu) is a Japanese mobile game that mostly features characters from the Weekly Shōnen Jump manga.

The bubble wrap RPG game first launched in 2018 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shōnen Jump, and it’s been so popular that it exceeded 11 million downloads worldwide.

The game is a mix of a puzzle, action role-playing, strategy movements, and you get to fight with heroes from the Shōnen Jump universe, however, in their chibi versions.

I also downloaded the game a few years ago, and I found the menu pretty easy to understand especially if you are used to playing games such as Dragon Ball Legends, Puzzle & DragonsMarvel Puzzle Quest, etc.

It has adorable graphics, each party has around four characters, and you also get a couple of teams for your adventures.

I remember my first party had Urameshi Yūsuke from Yū Yū Hakusho, Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academia, Krillin from Dragon Ball and Kagura from Gintama. Each time they battle, manga pages are shown in the background while the chibi versions of the characters perform their special moves.

The Jump Heroes gathered for a new TV Commercial

Starting from the end of April 2021, the heroes from the Jump Universe gathered once again for two new TV commercials of the Jump Chi Heroes mobile game.


The commercial features narration by popular seiyū (voice actress) 竹達彩奈 Ayana Taketatsu.

The voice actress is also well-known for her roles in K-On! (Azusa Nakano), Oreimo (Kirino Kōsaka), Sword Art Online (Leafa, Suguha Kirigaya), Dagashi Kashi (Hotaru Shidare) and The Quintessential Quintuplets (Nino Nakano).

The commercials were broadcasted nationwide, but you can also watch them on YouTube:

First commercial: "Jump Chi Heroes Character Shiritori," released on April 21st

Second commercial: "Jump Chi Heroes Special Move Name," released on April 28th

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You can download the game on both iPhone and Android devices; however, the menu is currently available only in Japanese.

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For more information regarding the game, check out the Jump Chi Heroes Official Website.

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By - cinnamonellie.