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What is ORIOBI?Reviving Japan’s treasures through beautifully recycled OBI

ORIOBI is a brand created by Mami, a Japanese artist, that took two elements of the Japanese culture: the Japanese art of folding paper, Origami, and the Kimono sash, Obi, and combined them.

ORIOBI came to life in the hope of reviving these beautiful hidden treasures that have been sleeping in many people’s drawers and homes.


In modern Japan, many have lost interest in traditional clothing. Nowadays, you don’t often see youngsters wearing a kimono, not to mention buy any.

Obi and kimono come as a pair, and there are so many gorgeous sashes hidden and long forgotten in Japanese homes. With the idea of Mottainai (もったいない such a waste), Mami came up with a more sustainable way to revive them by using the origami techniques.

She thought that it is a waste for the beautiful sash, full of the Japanese spirit, to be stored and forgotten, but at the same time, she didn’t want to cut them. She then came up with the idea of changing the shape without modifying its original form.

Each sash was initially the work of another artisan; therefore, she thought of creating something unique while respecting other’s work.

She came to realize that each sash means something to someone, has a story, a history behind it, so she didn’t wish to destroy that but instead preserve it.

Everything started after she got an old obi from her grandmother that she recycled by twisting and folding it in a way that highlights its beautiful patterns.

That is how the first wall decoration, ORIOBI, was born. Afterward, she also started to make accessories besides the ORIOBI ornaments that use mini size obi and scratches from the sash.

Each is handmade and unique and can easily match our daily outfits (also, there is no cutting involved in the process).

ORIOBI has partnered with the VOYAPON STORE to spread Japan’s beautiful crafts and culture and launched a collection to promote the products to the world.

You can purchase some of the ORIOBI items even from abroad on the VOYAPON ONLINE STORE.

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