The world of fashion moves fast with the times, and sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming for those trying to keep up. That's how it was for 88-year-old grandfather Miyoshi in Japan, until a generous neighbor brightened up his day in style.

Gion (@twelveO2twelve), a representative of Japanese jeans brand Rockwell, lives in the same neighborhood as Miyoshi. According to Gion, Miyoshi, who is a farmer, often comes by Gion's house with gifts of fresh fruits and vegetables. On such visits, Miyoshi often made comments like "I wish I could wear flash clothes, red and yellow colors like young people do. But as I've gotten older it wouldn't look good on me."

Wanting to repay Miyoshi for his kindness, and also fulfill his wish, Miyoshi went shopping and assembled a wardrobe to gift to him, and set up a photoshoot to show the farmer that age is no barrier to looking cool.

The results certainly seem to prove that point!

Source: @twelveO2twelve

Source: @twelveO2twelve

Source: @twelveO2twelve

Source: @twelveO2twelve

Gion shared the photos on Twitter, saying that when Miyoshi put on the clothes, his demeanor became more lively and he could feel the power of fashion.

Many on Twitter left comments praising the photoshoot after being moved:

"The best smile ever! It looks almost too good on him."

"He looks so cool because he's 88 years old!"

"That's a plan wrapped in kindness. I'd love to see this again!

The results and feedback probably have Miyoshi feeling pretty confident that he can pull off the stylish clothes he had been afraid to wear before, and feeling much younger than his age.

Gion also shared a "behind the scenes" video of the photoshoot's making.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.