Due to the ongoing pandemic, many have been forced to stay in, and spend a lot more hours at home than ever before.

Since we are spending so much time at home, now would be a great idea to be creative with our home or add more to the interior design to change up the mood.

In May, Komidori (@kimidori41) moved into her home that she renovated to her liking.

At night while relaxing with her tea in the kitchen, she noticed a small beauty. She posted the photo of it on Twitter, and many people also fell in love with what she saw!

This photo catches your eyes and won’t let go...let’s take a look.

"Sitting on my high-stool chair in the kitchen, I was just having my Hoji tea looking at my new firework lightbulbs. Then, when I looked down on my tea I realized that I had my own firework in the mug; the reflection of the firelight bulb quietly floating on the surface of my black tea. These lightbulbs were the best purchase..."

Source: @kimidori41

Source: @kimidori41

What you can see in the reflection on the tea surface is … a beautiful firework.

For a second, she thought “Are there fireworks going on outside?” and then realized it was her new “firework lightbulbs” she put up in the kitchen, creating a magical sight of mini firework in her mug cup.

Kimidori had another post with a photo of the said lightbulbs.

"Came home with my beers, upset from the day, only until I saw my brand new LED Firework Lightbulbs had finally arrived! And they are so cute! And so therapeutic to look at them! Once things settle down, I’m going to put a brass umbrella to it as a pendant! "

Source: @kimidori41

Source: @kimidori41

She bought these lightbulbs online for her new home.

According to Kimidori, these lightbulbs are not bright enough to be so practical, but from any angle, you can enjoy the firework design.

It is dreamy to have your own mini fireworks to look at while enjoying your down time at night, don’t you think?

Many people also found the same, too.

"My own fireworks? That’s just fabulous."

"Firework lightbulbs!? I didn’t know such an amazing thing existed!"

"This is so stylish…! Never imagined such a beautifully designed lightbulbs existed."

It makes such a difference when you play with interior design a little to your likings.

It may feel uneasy to go out freely in times like now, but we can always find small joy in ordinary things around us!

By - Mugi.