"The mix of sweetness and saltiness is just too addictive!"

"Their new item “salted butter cookie bread” is so tasty and I’m totally hooked."

"This is really yummy!"

These are a few of the comments found in internet reviews about a new bread from a popular convenience store, FamilyMart, “Salted Butter Cookie Bread” (150 yen), which seems to slowly but surely be exploding in popularity.

When we heard about it, we thought “It’s salty bread and butter cookies mixed together? It can’t go wrong.” But we just had to try it and see it for ourselves. So, here's our report:

FamiMa (FamilyMart) “Salted Butter Cookie Bread”

The bread is made with fermented butter from Brittany, and the cookie topping is made with Lorraine Rock Salt from France. As you can see, the key ingredients are a quite high-quality base. I think our expectation was already sky-high from the start.

We opened the package with anticipation...

The appearance totally resembled ordinary Melon pan (Japanese melon bread), but the texture of the top cookie portion was a lot softer than weexpected.

Here is a photo of it cut in half.

We assumed the empty space is from when the butter melted inside.

It was slightly yellow, and the rich fragrance of the butter was quite appetizing.

We took a bite, and instantly noticed the light and crunchy texture of the cookie dough, and the soft and moist bread dough inside!

The mixed match of saltiness and mild sweetness went perfectly together. This definitely reminded us of melon pan, but like from a sophisticated, high-end bakery shop. It was really tasty to say the least!

We wouldn’t mind warming this up in the oven, and adding a scoop of ice cream on the side to make a whole dessert out of it. It would definitely taste amazing together.

If you are a melon pan enthusiast, this is a must-try item from FamilyMart!

By - Mugi.