As of June 1st, Japanese media company CRYTPON has released a new licensing system for profitable use of the content of their Vocaloid characters; “Hatsune Miku”, “Rin Kagamine”, “Luka Megurine”, “MEIKO” and “KAITO” for amateur YouTube content creators.

By fulfilling the licensing requirements, YouTubers will be able to apply for the YouTube partner program. And by doing so, they will have access to many different profitable features within the program.

This will still exclude contents with third party copyrights involved. In addition, the users should be aware that this not only excludes those contents from being monetized, it also is against the licensing agreement.

Piapro character license (PCL)

Character usage guidelines

Ever since the introduction of the PCL system in July 2009, CRYPTON has been supporting amateur creators and their creative process with the use of their Vocaloid characters by indicating their “character usage guidelines”. This new licensing system to allow monetization will widen the possibilities for many content creators out there!

Vocaloid characters made their debut over 10 years ago, but the fans and the support for the characters has not faded a bit.


CRYPTON FURE MEDIA, Inc – Piapro team


By - Mugi.