Something about the intricately beautiful designs and attention to detail of Japanese ceramics and craftsmanship make for incredibly satisfying videos. That hypnotic serenity can be seen in the fascinating pottery of Haruya Abe, whose graceful carving of honeycomb pottery patterns is a must-watch.

According to Washoku Guide, Abe studied under Bizen master Izuru Yamamoto, and now produces beautiful pottery in the tranquil mountains of Nagano Prefecture. What many will notice are the distinct patterns that stand out on the surface of his pottery, which are produced by a technique called Yokoku (which translates to relief). After setting the patterns into a mold, he carefully applies them by applying tableware. His gentle scraping out of a honeycomb pattern in layers is quite soothing, but so is this beautiful look at his craft.

Abe appears to be very modest about this very gorgeous discipline, but the recent honeycomb-pattern video has turned him into an Instagram artist sensation. You can follow his efforts there, and appreciate his diligent efforts in a beautiful art form. Washoku Guide even has purchase information set up, should you want a piece for yourself.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.