People in Japan have been buzzing with simple amazement and jealousy ever since Twitter user phil0x0 off this cool video demonstrating the quick pop-up action of a handcrafted "Penguin Bomb." So what's a Penguin Bomb? It's an explosively cute work made by expert paper craftsman Haruki Nakamura, and the video below shows it in action.

@phil0x0's video is what has garnered the item viral attention, but the Twitter user explains that this video was taken in the Kanazawa station basement, where Nakamura's Kamikara and other shops were selling goods at a crafts market. The Penguin Bomb is a type of Karakuri, or traditional Japanese automated puppets. This version obviously has a bit of a twist, working almost like a shuriken or ninja star that you can throw and watch blow up into an adorable Penguin!

Nakamura and Kamikara have provided some information on how to replicate the Penguin Bomb. While their official shop doesn't ship outside of Japan, Kamikara does carry the item for order. If that method fails aspiring Penguin Bomb Squads, the item is also available on Amazon. Here's there explanation of how to craft it.

As well as a video showing off the completed project.

Of course, Penguins aren't the only crafts Nakamura is putting together, check out this "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" and "Globe Puzzle", along with many more impressive mechanized crafts on the YouTube channel!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.