Earlier this week, Burger King Japan delighted peanut butter lovers and fans of hit anime and manga SPY x FAMILY when they introduced their trio of Peanut Butter Royale burgers, inspired by Anya Forger's love of all things peanuts.

They even went all out in decorating one of their locations as a SPY x FAMILY Berlint branch of Burger King!

With our interest piqued by the trio of peanut butter burgers, we decided to test out two of them: The Peanut Butter Royale and Berry and The Peanut Butter Royale and Chicken!

Peanut Butter Royale

(c) grape Japan

First up we tried the The Peanut Butter Royale and Berry, which serves up sweet and sour berry sauce, peanut butter sauce, and creamy mayonnaise on top of Burger King's signature flame-grilled beef patty.

As you can see, it's the smallest of the Peanut Butter Royale burgers, but it makes up for its size by being the sauciest--they really lay it on thick and it makes for quite the messy meal!

(c) grape Japan

Overall in terms of taste, it's certainly loaded with a lot of flavor, and is definitely an beefy burger take on the classic PB&J sandwich. You'd think the mayo would clash with the peanut butter and tarty berry sauce, but it actually seems to gel with the beef of the burger instead, and doesn't really upset the PB&J aspect of the burger. If you're looking for something simple or a saucy take on a PB&J go for this one--just get some extra napkins!

Peanut Butter Royale and Chicken

(c) grape Japan

The Peanut Butter Royale and Chicken is the biggest of the three peanut butter burgers, topping its beef patty with a thick and crispy fried chicken patty. The burger features another slathering of peanut butter sauce and mayonnaise, but is also the only of the trio to feature rich cheddar cheese.

(c) grape Japan

While we were unable to try the Peanut Butter Royale and Bacon (which probably seems like the safest bet as peanut butter bacon combos aren't unheard of), we found the Peanut Butter Royale and Chicken< to be the most satisfying--and filling! Something about the flavor combination of rich cheddar cheese and the original peanut butter sauce just went really well together, and having both a beefy and chicken patty to soak up all that sauce helped it hit the spot!

Anya's Peanut Butter Royale trio of burgers will be available until November 17th at Burger King locations across Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.