To celebrate City Pop, the loose but genre-crossing brand of Japanese pop music that grew popular across the globe in the 1970's-1980's, Sony Music's analog label “GREAT TRACKS” is releasing a total of 10 tracks for the celebratory album “CITY POP on VINYL 2021”.

The purchase is available by pre-order only and production will be limited for all items. Make sure to book your purchase ahead of time!

Release date: August 28th, 2021

Official URL:

Here is the list of GREAT TRACKS release items:

『FUTURE FILE』(LP) Hiroshi Sato(2021.08.28)

『AQUA』(LP) Hiroshi Sato(2021.08.28)

『CASIOPEA』(LP)  CASIOPEA(2021.07.21)

『MINT JAMS』(LP) CASIOPEA(2021.07.21)

『DOWN TOWN -Clear Green Vinyl-』(LP) EPO(2021.08.28)

『Free(At last)』(LP) PLATINUM 900(2021.08.28)

『Tamago』(LP) QUJILA(2021.08.28)

『Suichu Megane/Tanabata no yoru, kimi ni aitai』(7inch) Chappie(2021.08.28)

『Mikakunin Hikoutai/Zetsubou Goodbye』(7inch) Takashi Fujii(2021.08.28)

『RIDE ON TIME/Say So-Japanese Version- (tofubeats Remix)』(7inch) Rainych(2021.08.28)

The album is available for purchase at Sony Music (online store) and a more information about the album can be found at its official website.

By - Mugi.