Twitter user なみそ Namiso (@omochi_nam01) shares episodes from her daily life with her three children and cats.

A recent set of pictures she took of her son interacting with her cat brought a smile to many people's faces when she posted it to her account.

For some reason, her cat seemed to be very interested in her son's headphones. But she wasn't expecting what happened next.

Reproduced with permission from なみそ Namiso (@omochi_nam01)

What, you want my headphones?

Reproduced with permission from なみそ Namiso (@omochi_nam01)

Here ya go

The cat was very interested in her son's headphones, so being the kind boy that he is, he complied ... and put the headphones on the cat's body. The last time we checked, cats don't have ears down there...

Also, those weren't bone-conductive earphones. Oh well...

Many people commented on this funny interaction which looked like something right out of a comic skit on Japanese TV, saying things like:

  • "You can imagine the cat saying 'No, that's not it.'"
  • "Cat: 'What, you put 'em there?!!'"
  • "OMG, I can't stop laughing!!!"

Even though the cat wasn't wearing headphones like a human would, maybe the vibrations felt like a nice massage...

Note: Please don't ever put headphones over a cat's head since you could damage its sensitive ears. Humans, however, can wear cat-themed earphones like these...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.