On July 8th, 2021, Elie Corporation, a Japanese startup company focusing on raising silkworms, as well as developing and selling silkworm-based products as a healthy and sustainable food source, launched an online shop to sell its SILKFOOD brand of products. The brand's initial offering, SILKFOOD Chips, are now on sale at the SILKFOOD Online Store and will also be available at THE GOODLAND MARKET in the URBAN RESEARCH Horie Store in Osaka from the middle of July.

Why silkworms?

As many of our readers may already know, for several years now, insect food has been the focus of attention as a healthy and sustainable source of protein and nutrients with the potential of solving the world's food crisis, not to mention reducing carbon emissions.

According to SILKFOOD's website, silkworm raising has a particularly small carbon footprint compared to other insects like crickets or mealworms. They only require a small amount of food, they grow quickly, can be raised in a small space, and don't require water.

Moreover, silkworms are rich in amino acids and have more nutrients than many other meat and vegetable proteins. For example, they have 16 times the amount of omega 3 fatty acid than tuna, 3 times the amount of zinc than eggs, 26 times the amount of Vitamin B2 than pork and 5 times the amount of biotin than soybeans. As for how it tastes, silkworm protein has an umami-rich flavor. When compared with beef, silkworms have nearly five times the amount of glutamic acid, inosinic acid, and guanylic acid which are the key components of umami.


Product Information

SILKFOOD Chips are sold individually for 550 yen (tax included), and each bag contains 30 grams. The chips are sold in units of 2 bags.

Silkworms are the star ingredient in these crispy, additive-free, non-fried chips. There are only four ingredients: silkworms, non-glutinous domestic Japanese uruchi rice, vegetable oil, and salt. It combines the flavor and aroma of silkworms and the deliciousness of domestic rice, so you can enjoy the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Produced in collaboration with Sakata Beika

This product was co-developed with Japan's top rice cracker producer, Sakata Beika, famous for its "Oranda Senbei" rice crackers.

Comments from Sakata Beika:

"Using our usuyaki (thin rice cracker) baking technology that we've cultivated for 70 years, we were able to make crispy chips with a satisfying texture. The umami-rich flavor of silkworms is baked in a delicious way, and the combination of rice and silkworms brings out the best in each other. We hope you'll enjoy this collaboration, which updates usuyaki rice crackers with this next-generation food."

SILKFOOD Online Shop

The SILKFOOD Online Shop will begin with these delicious SILKFOOD Chips and SILKFOOD T-shirts. However, more products are coming. A second product line is planned for release later this summer.

Also available at URBAN RESEARCH

If you live in the Osaka area, you'll also be able to pick up some SILKFOOD Chips at THE GOODLAND MARKET in the URBAN RESEARCH Horie Store in Osaka from the middle of July. (Call in advance to confirm availability).

  • URBAN RESARCH Horie Store
  • Hours: 11:00 to 20:00
  • Tel: 050-2017-9002
  • Address (JP): 〒550-0015 ⼤阪府⼤阪市⻄区南堀江1-20-9
  • Address (EN): 1-20-9 Minami Horie Nishi-ku Osaka City, Osaka 550-0015 Japan

By - grape Japan editorial staff.