For many foreign residents of Japan, with the exception of those who don't eat chicken as a matter of principle or due to dietary restrictions, biting into a skewer of yakitori cooked to perfection on an open grill is a highly enjoyable experience.

Photo by Ben K

However, the smell wafting from a yakitori stand naturally draws crowds, which isn't exactly ideal in the current pandemic.

But how about grilling your own yakitori in the comfort of your home? And what if we told you there was a way of doing it that can also help support local poultry farmers suffering due to the pandemic?

Many farmers, particularly those of so-called "brand-name" chicken, are now unable to sell their products in the foodservice industry. But here's where you can help.

© Veranding Toriko

The yakitori restaurant Toriko has started selling a yakitori meal kit through which you can enjoy authentic yakitori at home. The kits comes with skewered chicken and special seasonings such as yuzu pepper and truffle salt.

© Veranding Toriko

You can buy a pack with the skewers and seasonings by themselves, or as you can see above, you can buy a set including Toriko's "original griller" which you can use to reproduce the taste of Toriko in your own home. Since they began selling them in June 2020, Toriko sold more than 1,000 units in six months.

You'll surely enjoy the delicious flavor of these local and brand-name chicken skewers.

© Veranding Toriko

How about treating yourself to some yakitori at home? If you're interested, visit the website below where you'll find sets sourced from various local poultry farms at reasonable prices:

べランディング鳥幸 Veranding Toriko

By - grape Japan editorial staff.