One day, Japanese Twitter user Nendoyoshirin (@plasmaclusterha) visited Nara prefecture, which is famous for its many free-roaming deer. When he was at an intersection, two deer appeared on the street, as if to wait for the signal at a nearby crosswalk.

He started filming the deer since it was quite a rare sight to see deer actually waiting for the signal lights. Here's a video he shared of the charming encounter on Twitter:

In the video, two deer are standing at the intersection watching the cars go by. Seemingly, they are waiting for the lights to change to cross the street!

Then, they sort of looked at each other as if to say “what should we do?” “should we wait?” until one of the deer slowly started to cross the street at the red light!

A man standing next to the deer attempted to stop them. Despite his effort, the small deer still continues to walk. It stops in the middle of the crosswalk once, like he’s checking for incoming cars.

The other deer eventually started crossing the road as well. Thankfully, the drivers who saw the deer crossing the street slowed down to allow them to pass.

Many people left comments on this video.

"It almost looks like they are having a conversation saying like; “What do we do?” “What do you think?” to each other!"

"They’re eyeing each other like, “What are we going to do about this?” It’s so cute!"

"They are so used to humans. Only in Nara!"

"They are so nonchalant standing right next to a human in the middle of the city! But this also gives me anxiety and makes me worry…"

According to the research conducted by a rescue organization “Nara’s deer aigo kai”, a total of 1,286 deer were said to be roaming Nara Park in 2020.

There are many signs up near the park to warn drivers to slow down and watch out for deer.

Nara deer are essentially considered a natural monument. It is important that people in the area practice caution in order to coexist in Nara, as these drivers appeared used to.

By the way, Nendoyoshirin also has a YouTube channel for his own arts and crafts videos! If you are curious, check out his channel: ねんどよしりんPokémon Clay Art

By - Mugi.