You probably don't need much convincing to appreciate Capybara as perhaps the most chill critters of the animal kingdom, as they have an established reputation for getting along with other animals. When they're not cuddling up around a fire to stay warm, or soaking up a day's lounging in a Japanese hot bath, the large and adorable rodents are known for being rather docile and care-free.

Recently, the threshold of a Capybara's patience was tested by some playful goats at the Suetoshi Farm--and the Capybara passed with flying colors. Watch as this calm and cool Capybara has no problems with some baby goats crawling all over it.

This particularly chill Capybara is part of the Suetoshi Farm petting zoo in Japan's Nagano prefecture. With cats, guinea pigs, and even miniature horses running around, it seems that playful goats jumping all over him is just another day in the life of a Capybara, and one that gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to get us through the day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.