By now, Japan has established itself as a prominent player in the whisky world, sometimes with record-shattering priced bottles. Recently, the labels of many bottles have become just as attractive as the contents, however, with artistic labels showing off Devilman, Black Lagoon, and Godzilla.

Japanese online retailer Whisky Mew stocks quite a few of these, and they are adding some dark fantasy edge to their catalog with two bottles of official Berserk whisky, showing off the celebrated artwork featured in Kentaro Miura's hit anime and manga.

The first of the two bottles features Guts, The Black Swordsman on a green label. The whisky itself is a 1996 bottle from a Nikka Whisky-owned Ben Nevis distillery, said to have rich oily and fruity notes, with an almost tropical fruit flavor. On the back of the bottle is the whimsical elf Puck. The batch is limited to 221 700ml bottles, aged for 23 years clocking in at 44.1% alcohol content.

The second bottle features both Guts and Griffith back-to-back as allies in The Band of the Hawk (or Falcon depending on which translation you prefer), with the ominous Behelit on the back. The 1993 Secret Speyside is limited to 368 700ml bottles with 47.7& alcohol content, said to have a vanilla and creamy flavor with a long, sweet and smooth finish.

Both the Guts label (25,300 yen) and Guts and Griffith label (22,000 yen) can be ordered from Whisky Mew starting September 28th.

By - Big Neko.