Cosplayers often have to get pretty resourceful when recreating the out-of-this-world weapons and armors found in popular anime, manga, and video games. That was definitely challenge number one when talented cosplayer Mikeneko kyoju (@dxmikeneko) decided to try his hand at a cosplay of the explosive Katsuki Bakugo from hit anime and manga My Hero Academia. In particular, the large Grenadier Bracers he wields.

When you see his awesome rendition of Bakugo, you'll see that he pulled them off quite well!

But as amazing as the cosplay is itself, it was when Mikeneko showed how he was able to create the imposing Grenadier Bracers that really turned heads on Twitter. On their own you can see that they're quite impressive in detail, and a handful to wear that look like they cam right out of the anime.

Source: @dxmikeneko

Mikeneko shared the origins of his grenade-shaped braces with the comment "I somehow made Katsuki Bakugo" out of flower pots, and that proves to be true:

Source: @dxmikeneko

Mikeneko isn't actually wearing the flower pots, mind you. In order to get a sense of the size the Grenadier Bracers for the cosplay, he took a trip to Daiso and got two flower pots. After stacking them together, he figured out the scale and used them to make a paper pattern, and then from there used a urethane board, did some cutting, assembling, and painting--and voila!

Fans online were wowed that a flower pot could be used to create such a big part of a great looking My Hero Academia cosplay, showering the costume, which took a month to make, with praise. As you can see below Mikeneko's hard work paid off.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.