“It was so heart-warming I wanted to cry.”

“Thank you for this wonderful 5 minutes. Only good people are in this video!”

“I was touched by the supportive family. They were supportive of the little boy’s interest, while also being mindful of manners.”

These were just some of the many reactions to the following video, posted to the YouTube channel “Yukki-Channel”, which serves as a parent’s video diary documenting the special love their son has for trains.

Ever since he was a baby, the little boy loved trains. He would go to the stations to see the trains, and often wave at them.

His parents kept recording the visits to train stations. From the age of 0 to 4, the videos became a record of the little boy’s growth as well as the process to build relationships between him and the conductors at the station. Have a look!

It started when he was just a baby, while sitting in the stroller just watching the trains go by.

Eventually, he started waving at the trains, and even said “bye bye” to them, too.

As time went on, the train conductors and station staff also started to wave back at him or sometimes even gave him gifts in return.

There were many comments left in the video from those who work in the same field; “I used to wave at the trains myself, but now I’m the one waving back to people” “When little kids wave at me at work, it

brightens my day” “It makes me happy when I see the kids getting excited to see the train”.

Those kind acts of the conductors even while they are on duty will surely be remembered and treasured by the little boy!

By - Mugi.